Costs and Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

Educational expenses for the J.D. program will vary according to each student's course of study and personal needs. Financial obligations to the University of Arkansas must be satisfied by the established deadlines. Payment may be made at the cashier's office in Silas H. Hunt Hall by cash, personal check, money order, certified check, or specified credit cards.

Estimation of Costs for 2019-20 Law Students

J.D. or Accelerated J.D. for Foreign-Trained Lawyers programs

Estimated Tuition and Fees per Semester

Estimated Costs are based on 15 credit hours per semester (costs are determined by total number of credit hours taken per semester)

Fee Resident Law Student Non-resident Law Student International Law Student
Tuition $7,324.50 $17,642.25 $17,642.25
Facilities Fee $282.75 $256.75 $256.75
Student Health Fee $108.75 $108.75 $108.75
Library Fee $43.65 $43.65 $43.65
Media Fee $13.50 $13.50 $13.50
Network and Data Systems Fee $161.70 $161.70 $161.70
Student Activity Fee $39.60 $39.60 $39.60
Transit Fee $46.35 $46.35 $46.35
School of Law $281.10 $281.10 $281.10
Intl. Student Service Fee $105.00
Intl. Student Health Insurance Fee $978.00
$8,301.90 $18,619.65 $19,603.65

Visit the UA Treasurer's page to estimate your specific tuition and fees →


A student withdrawing from the University may be entitled to a full or partial refund of tuition and fees. The UA Treasurer's website contains the details and schedule for refunds.


Campus Housing

Living in University Housing costs vary from about $5,200 to about $9,300 per semester for the 2015-16 academic year. There are a range of options for on-campus living from double and single-occupancy dorm rooms to apartments. Visit the University Housing website for more information and pricing.

Off-Campus Housing

The cost of living off-campus in an apartment can vary greatly depending on type of accommodations, roommates, and other factors.

The University of Arkansas has an off-campus housing department with resources that allow you to search for housing, compare prices, determine proximity to campus, and get help in finding used furniture. Visit the Off-Campus Housing website for more information.

Financial Aid

A financial aid package can be prepared for eligible students from several funding sources. Awards are made through the Office of Financial Aid. Some student scholarships are administered by the associate dean for students at the School of Law.

More financial aid information can be found by contacting:

Office of Financial Aid
University of Arkansas
Silas H. Hunt Hall, Room 114
Fayetteville, AR 72701


The University of Arkansas is an approved institution for the training of veterans and veterans’ beneficiaries. Those who may be eligible for VA education and training benefits should contact the UA Veterans Resource and Information Center for further assistance.