Courses for Business Law Certificate

Foundational Business Law Courses

It is assumed that all students seeking the certificate will enter the program having already successfully completed, as part of their J.D. degree program or other qualifying studies, the following foundational business law courses (or equivalent):

  • Contracts (LAWW 4024) (4 Credits)
  • Business Organizations (LAWW 4294) (4 Credits)
  • Federal Income Tax of Individuals (LAWW 6933) (3 Credits)

Required Course Categories

In addition to completing all Foundational Business Law Courses, a student must successfully complete at least 18 credit hours of business law coursework, including at least one course from each of the following three categories:

Category 1: Business Drafting Courses

  • ULW - Business Drafting (LAWW 4082) (2 Credits)
  • ULW- Contract Drafting (LAWW 406V) (2 Credits)
  • ULW- Corporate Practice (LAWW 406V) (2 Credits)

Category 2: Experiential Learning Business Courses

  • Business Lawyering Skills (LAWW 5213) (3 Credits)
  • Corporate Counsel Externship (LAWW 686V) (4 Credits)

Category 3: Public Company Courses

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (LAWW 5662) (2 Credits)
  • Public Corporations (Adv. Corporations) (LAWW 629V) (2 or 3 Credits)
  • Securities Regulation (LAWW 500V) (2 or 3 Credits)

Business Electives

The following courses will count toward the 18 credit hours of business law coursework needed to complete the Business Law Certificate:

  • Antitrust Law (LAWW 6133) (3 Credits)
  • Bankruptcy Reorganizations (LAWW 760V) (2 Credits)
  • Corporate Counsel Colloquium (LAWW 500V) (2 Credits)
  • Corporate Finance (LAWW 500V) (2 Credits)
  • Effective Corporate Compliance (LAWW 5391) (1 Credit)
  • Federal Income Taxation of Business Entities (LAWW 6253) (3 Credits)
  • International Business Transactions (LAWW 7302) (2 Credits)
  • Legal Clinic: Transactional (LAWW 6393) (3 Credits)
  • Nonprofit Organizations (LAWW 500V) (2 or 3 Credits)
  • Representing Startups (LAWW 500V) (3 Credits)
  • Any courses listed in the Experiential Business, Business Drafting, or Public Company Course categories listed in (b)(1), (b)(2), or (b)(2) above.

Extracurricular Course of Study

Students must attend at least 250 minutes of extracurricular programing sponsored by the business law society or approved in advance by the Associate Dean.


The Associate Dean may designate a Special Topics or other course as a qualifying Business Elective, and in rare cases, with substantial justification, may allow a substitution in the Experiential Business, Business Drafting, or Public Company Course categories listed in (b)(1), (b)(2), or (b)(2) above.

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