Business Law Certificate

The School of Law business law certificate is designed for those students who wish to focus on business or transactional law: it prepares them for a business law practice or to enhance their career prospects in the business field in general. The program provides a strong framework in the fundamentals of business and transactional law and skills through coursework and related activities.

Why Get a Business Law Certificate?

The program will prepare qualified J.D. degree and post-J.D. candidates for a wide variety of business and transactional law practices, and for non-law students, help provide a strong foundation for legal aspects of the business environment.

Students who successfully complete the requirements for the Business Law Certificate will:

  • demonstrate proficiency in explaining and analyzing the legal and regulatory implications of common business matters;
  • be able to draft documents relevant to typical business formations and basic transactions; and
  • demonstrate an understanding of the role of counsel to businesses, business owners, or business management, as well as an appreciation of the ethical implications of representing each discrete group.
Business Law Certificate Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

The student must satisfy one of the following requirements:

Business Law Certificate Courses

Courses for Business Law Certificate

What are the foundational, required and elective courses?

Business Law Certificate Requirements

General Requirements

For J.D., post-J.D., LL.M., non-J.D./non-LL.M.