Journal of Food Law & Policy

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Volume 13, Number 1 (2017)


A Call to Action: The New Academy of Food Law & Policy

Emily M. Broad Leib and Susan A. Schneider

Myth Making in the Heartland: Did Agriculture Elect the New President?

Neil D. Hamilton

The Butz Stops Here: Why the Food Movement Needs to Rethink Agricultural History

Nathan A. Rosenberg and Bryce Wilson Stucki

Food and More: Expanding the Movement for the Trump Era

After the White House Garden: Food Justice in the Age of Trump

Garrett M. Broad

Food Justice in the Trump Age: Priorities for Urban Food Advocates

Nevin Cohen, Janet Poppendieck, and Nicholas Freudenberg

Fomenting Democracy: The Case for Federal-Local Cooperation

Marilyn Sinkewicz, Jess Gilbert, and Calvin Head

Possibilities for Farm Policy in a Trump Era

Stephen Carpenter and Kirsten Valentine Cadieux

Antitrust in Food and Farming Under President Trump

Leah Douglas

Will the Trump Administration Support Farmers Facing FSMA Compliance?

Sophia Kruszewski

Farming and Eating

Margot Pollans

Eating Is Not Political Action

Joshua Galperin, Graham Downey, and Lee Miller

Organic Agriculture under the Trump Administration

Marne Coit

Implementing the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard

Lesley K. McAllister

Trump’s New Trade Policy: Risks for North American Food and Farms

Karen Hansen Kuhn

Food Labor and the Trump Administration: A Grim Prognosis

Erik Loomis

An Interview with Outgoing Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack: Reflections on His Legacy & Challenges Facing a New Era in American Agriculture Policy

Lauren Manning

Farmers Market Rules and Policies: Content and Design Suggestions (From a Lawyer)

Jay A. Mitchell

ALDF v. Otter: What Does It Mean for Other State's Ag-Gag Laws?

Jacob Coleman