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Arkansas Law Notes: History and Submission Guidelines

About Arkansas Law Notes

Arkansas Law Notes was first published in the mid-1980s as a paper-only journal of short articles written by the faculty of the University of Arkansas School of Law, and delivered to Arkansas lawyers. It has evolved over the years and is now the Arkansas Law Review’s exclusive online publication. Law Notes is positioned to deliver a quick publication turnaround for timely, relevant scholarship relating to current Arkansas and national legal issues. Arkansas Law Notes features short essays and responses by law professors, judges, practicing lawyers, scholars from other disciplines, and current law students. Submissions may respond to recent articles and essays published in the Arkansas Law Review or comment on topics ranging from emerging legal issues arising from litigation, recent court opinions or government policies and procedures.

Arkansas Law Review Submission Guidelines

Arkansas Law Notes publishes prompt, relevant pieces. To submit to Arkansas Law Notes, please email

Online Submissions

Arkansas Law Notes is the online companion to the Arkansas Law Review. Arkansas Law Notes features pieces written by professors, judges, practicing attorneys, scholars from other fields, and law students.

We welcome submissions that spark academic discourse in the Arkansas legal community. Submissions can tackle novel legal issues, or respond to articles or essays that have been previously published in the Arkansas Law Review.

Submission Guidelines

In considering submissions, the Arkansas Law Notes considers whether pieces are contemporary, clear and relevant to the Arkansas legal community.

Submissions that are selected for publication will go through an accelerated editorial process.