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Brian Gallini

Brian Gallini

Associate Dean for Faculty and Professor of Law

School of Law


Phone: 479-575-6973

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Professor Brian Gallini received his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School in 2002. While at Michigan, he served as the Articles Editor on the Michigan Journal of International Law. After his graduation from law school, Professor Gallini served as a judicial clerk to the Honorable Robert W. Clifford on the Maine Supreme Judicial Court and practiced white-collar criminal defense at the Washington, D.C., office of Duane Morris LLP.

He later left practice to clerk for the Honorable Richard Allen Griffin on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit Court. Before joining the University of Arkansas, Professor Gallini taught for two years at the Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Professor Gallini’s scholarship focuses on law enforcement discretion issues in the context of interrogation methods, consent searches, and profiling. He regularly presents papers at a variety of conferences, roundtables, and colloquia. His piece, Schneckloth v. Bustamonte: History's Unspoken Fourth Amendment Anomaly, won the Southeastern Association of American Law Schools Call for Papers competition and his work has been published in the Hastings Law JournalGeorge Mason Law Review, and Tennessee Law Review — among others. His expert commentary has also been featured in global media outlets including The Wall Street JournalChicago Tribune, and Los Angeles Times.

In the classroom, Professor Gallini teaches a variety of doctrinal criminal courses, including Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure I & II, and Federal Criminal Law. He has also developed seminars titled Problems in Police Discretion, and Crime & the Supreme Court. Professor Gallini has taught criminal courses internationally in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Lodz, Poland. For his teaching, he has received the School of Law award for outstanding teaching and the graduation award for hooding. 

Outside of academia, Professor Gallini has coached ice hockey for the past several years. Before coming to Arkansas, he served as the Head Coach for the University of Pennsylvania Men’s Ice Hockey Team and has coached the University of Arkansas Men’s Ice Hockey Team since 2009. In six seasons with Arkansas, he has amassed a 161-48-4 record, five SECHC titles, five top ten South/Pacific Region finishes, and three trips to Nationals. He was voted the 2013-14 SECHC Coach of the Year. You can follow his team at http://arhockey.westernchl.com/.

Professor Gallini lives in Fayetteville with his wife, Beth, and their two sons—Braxton and Caden.


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