Degree Programs

J.D. Program

J.D. Program

Established in 1924, the School of Law offers a full-time, three-year program leading to a Juris Doctor degree. The degree is conferred upon satisfactory completion of 90 semester hours, including 42 hours of required courses. Students are often referred to as 1Ls, 2Ls or 3Ls depending on the number of years they have been in the program. Two specialized certificate programs and four dual degree programs are also available to qualified students.

LL.M. Program

LL.M. Program in Food & Agricultural Law

The first advanced law degree in agricultural and food law was founded here more than 30 years ago. The LL.M. program was also the first to offer a fully integrated opportunity for face-to-face and distance education options. With its support, the School of Law publishes the nation’s first student-edited specialized journal devoted to food law and policy issues and sustains outreach efforts that connect academic scholarship with critical legal and policy issues.