Bar Success Program

The Bar Success Program is a free, post-graduation program open to all graduates of the University of Arkansas School of Law. Meant to be taken in conjunction with a commercial bar preparation course (e.g., Barbri, Kaplan, or Themis), the Bar Success Program focuses on studying and learning techniques, as well as techniques for multiple-choice questions and the written portions of the bar exam. There is a heavy focus on individual feedback and guidance.

photo of Tori Jordan-Percifield

Tori Jordan-Percifield

Director of Bar Success


students around a table studying for the bar exam

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my bar application due?
You should become familiar with the website of the Board of Bar Examiners for your jurisdiction (for example:, but the NCBE website is also a great source of jurisdiction information: guide/charts/chart-9/
How much time should I set aside to complete my bar exam application?
You need a minimum of one month to complete your application; it requires you to provide comprehensive information about past residences and past employers, obtain a fingerprint card, as well as contact multiple references.
How do I get a certification of graduation from law school?
We automatically provide certifications for graduates taking the exam in Arkansas; otherwise, send a request via email to
How do I know if my jurisdiction has adopted the UBE?
See the NCBE website:
When should I start studying for the bar exam?
Most commercial bar preparation courses begin the second week in May.
How much time do I need to prepare for the bar exam?
You should plan to study for 10 weeks, for approximately 40-50 hours per week.
Can I work while studying for the bar exam?
Given the amount of time needed for bar study, it is not advisable to work while studying for the bar exam. However, if you must work, contact our office to develop an individualized study plan.