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To schedule an event and request meeting space in the School of Law, please submit the Event Request Form supplying as much of the requested information as possible. This includes requests to use the atrium tables. Law classes and requests for events from School of Law organizations receive priority over requests from others. You will be provided with information regarding your request as soon as possible.

American Constitution Society

President: Marcus Montgomery

Vice President: Robin Davis

Treasurer: Katie Guhman

Historian/Membership Chair: Rylie Sloan

RSO and Lawyer's Chapter Liaison: Ethan Davis

Community Engagement Chair: Lexi Robertson

3L Class Rep.: Tori Moore

2L Class Rep.: Dell Barnes

Advisor: Jill Lens

President: Jissel Esparza Saucedo

Vice President: Tori Moore

Secretary: Kate Braboy

Treasurer: Stephanie Ponzaneli

3L Representative: Raquel De Castro

2L Representative: Cymber Arnold

Public Relations: Braden Little

Advisor: Sara Gosman

Anti-Bias Anti-Racism Taskforce

Chair: Grace Faulkenberry

Fundraising Director: Tristan Branstetter

Faculty Liaison: Amber Watson

Arkansas Law Review

Editor-in-Chief - Jissel Esparza Saucedo

Executive Editor - Jack Curtis

Managing Editor - Travis Linn

Symposium Editor - John Hudson

Law Notes Editor - Alia Mostafa

Research Editor - Bethany Michau

Articles Editors - Brett Callaway, MiKayla Jayroe, Michaela Parks, Hailey Petit, Addison Tucker

Notes and Comment Editors - Marcus Montgomery, Emily Rector, Hollis Redden, Erin Wadley

Asian Pacific Islander Society Association

President: Chloe Nelson

Vice President: Arnold Akhavong

Treasurer: Arnold Akhavong

Social Media Chair: Maggie Osborne

Advisor: Emily Juarez

Black Law Students Association

President: Amber Watson

Vice President: Jaylen Wilbon

Secretary: Hailey Garner

Treasurer: Tatum Cooper

3L Representative: Christopher Barnes

2L Representative: Tristan Branstetter

Social Media Chair: Willie Chapple

Public Relations Director: Marcus Montgomery

Social Action Chair: Dominique Phillips

Advisor: Blair Druhan Bullock

Board of Advocates

Chair: Rylie Stone

Vice Chair: Taryn Bewley

Secretary/Treasurer: Kate Braboy

Trial Competition Chairs: Bethany Michau & Harrison Howle

Moot Court Competition Chairs: Lexi Robertson & Erin Wadley

Negotiations Competition Chairs: Mills Bryant & Brett Garner

Advisors: Amanda Hurst & Danielle Weatherby

Business Law Society

President: Travis Linn

Vice President: Ellen Womack

Secretary: Jacob Stringer

Treasurer: Trey Pepper

3L Representatives: Lauren Ator, Elizabeth Strickland

2L Representatives: Devin Alven, Minoah Milam

1L Representatives: Victor Pulido-Rojas, Steven Jacobs

Public Relations Chair: Rytchard Nunez

Events Chair: Beth Michau

Deputy Chair for Events: Reed Graddy

Deputy PR Chair: Ellis Hairston

At-Large Board Member: Wesley Sowell

Advisor: Will Foster

President: Dillon Collins

Vice President: Harrison Howle

Secretary: Carter Wade

Treasurer: Lexie Rook

Officer: Caitlin Robb

Advisor: Howard Brill

Criminal Law Society

President: Kate Braboy

Vice President: Lauren Harris

Treasurer: Zariya Williams

Community Chair: Gabriela Lopez-Gardner

Faculty Liaison: Robin Davis

Advisor: Ido Kilovaty

Environmental Law Society

President: Hannah Kiely

Treasurer: Nicholas Langham

Community Outreach Chair: Elli Archibold

Social Media Chair: Everett Kirkman

2L Representative: Holiday Hull

1L Representative: Dylan Smith

1L Representative: Steven Jacobs

Advisor: Sara Gosman

Family Law Society

President: John Thompson

Vice President: Payton Hamric

Secretary: Sadie Baumann

Community Chair: Erin Wadley

Federalist Society

President: Andrew Dungan

Vice President: Gunnar Bartlett

Treasurer: Beth Michau

3L Representative: Braxton Leding

2L Representative: James Curlin

Advisor: Robert Anderson

Find the Balance

President - Leah Riley

Vice President - Marissa Day

Treasurer - Edgar Hernandez

Community Chair - Marquela McClellan

Faculty Advisor: Jill Wieber Lens

Hispanic Law Students Association

President: Londyn Kozar

Vice President: Stephanie Ponzaneli

Secretary: Madison Hernandez

Treasurer: Raquel de Castro

Director of Public Relations: Jackie Redmond

Director of Community Outreach: Joshua Lozano

Advisor: Bonnie Miller

Immigration Law Society

Co-president: Stephanie Ponzaneli

Co-president Marcos Perez

3L Representative: Raquel De Castro

2L Representative: Madison Hernandez

Treasurer: Ethan Davis

Secretary: Robin Davis

Social Media: Madison Hernandez

Intellectual Property Law School Association

President: Raquel de Castro

Vice President: Sam Wilson

Law Young Democrats

President: Alex Caldwell

Vice President: Brandon Hartman

Secretary/Treasurer: Carlen Johnson

3L Rep: Dakota Thomas

2L Rep: Dell Barnes

Social Media Chair: Stephanie Ponzaneli

Native American Law Students Association

President: Dell Barnes

Margaux Thigpen: 1L Representative

Communications Chairperson: Parker Holman

Treasurer/Secretary: Gabi Rancifer

3L representative: Michaela Parks

2L Representative: Aly Savage


President: Sam Wilson

Vice President: Alex Caldwell

Treasurer: Devin Alven

3L Representative: Alex Caldwell

2L Representative: Devin Alven

Community Chair: Grace Faulkenberry

Faculty Liaison: Whitney Sober

Advisor: Ido Kilovaty

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity

Justice: James Curlin

Vice-Justice: Brooks Connolly

Treasurer: Dan Sedrick

Marshal: Tori Moore

Sports and Entertainment Law Society

President - Madison Riggins

Chief of Staff - Grant Eshelman

VP of Entertainment - Whitney Sober

VP of Sports - Noah Fowler

Secretary- Willie Chapel

Treasurer - Wesley Sowell

Student Rep - Bailey Lovett

Student Bar Association

President: Lexi Robertson

Vice President: Michael Hammonds

Secretary: Cymber Arnold

Treasurer: Ben Cameron

Chief of Staff: Elli Archbold

Faculty Liaison: MiKayla Jayroe

Arkansas Bar Representative: Maddy McCulloch

American Bar Association Representative: Ilse Ghent

Women and Minorities Representative: Stephanie Ponzaneli

Public Service Representative: Kaycie Apfel

3L Representative: Sydney Jennings

2L Representative: Grant Eshelman

1L Section 1 Representative: Kennedy Hill

1L Section 2 Representative: Ethan Brown

Honor Council

Chair: Mills Bryant

Secretary: Tristan Branstetter

3L Representative: Brett Garner

3L Representative: Brett Callaway

2L Representative: Eleanor Duffield

2L Representative: Minoah Milam

1L Section 1 Representative: Kalua Kahana

1L Section 2 Representative: Andrew Kutchka

Wellness Society

President: Erin Wadley

Vice President: Travis Linn

Secretary: Rick Nunez

Treasurer: Lauren Davis

Communications Chair: Addison Tucker

Women’s Law Student Association

President: Erin Wadley

Community Service Chair: Hanna McClendon

Finance Director: Minoah Milam

Executive of Special Events: Sydney Jennings

Executive of Operations: Elli Archbold

Fundraising Director: Kate Braboy