Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Clinic Students

Q. When can I take a clinic class?
A. This will depend on the clinic you are interested in and the demand for seats in that clinic. Some clinics require Rule XV certification to participate, some do not. All clinics give first preference to graduating 3Ls who have not yet had a clinic.
Q. What is Rule XV and how do I know if I am eligible?
A. Rule XV of the Arkansas Rules Governing Admission to the Bar provides students with the opportunity to become limitedly licensed to practice in the State of Arkansas. Student must be supervised by a fully licensed attorney and are not receiving compensation outside of class credit for the representation.
To be eligible for Rule XV certification, you must have completed 48 hours of course credit, including:
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Civil Procedure
  • Evidence
If you are a transfer student and have taken any of these classes elsewhere, please inform the clinic staff. You will need to fill out an application for certification, and will need to declare any and all criminal charges (including traffic offenses), as well as any honor code violations you have been charged with. The clinic staff will then submit your application to the Dean for approval, and then to the State for processing.
Q. How do I get into a clinic?
A. To enroll in a clinic, students must attend the clinic enrollment meeting during the semester prior to when you wish to enroll. Students then apply for clinic and preference which clinics they wish to be in. The Professors then review the applicants for their clinics and determine the students who best meet the needs of the clinic (priority is given to graduating 3Ls first, followed by anyone with any of the Professor’s preferenced previously completed classes).
Once the Professors have given the front desk their lists, we will notify you if you have been offered a spot for a clinic, or if you are on a waiting list. Those offered a spot will have a deadline to accept their seat by. Any unfilled seats will then be filled from that clinic’s waitlist.
Q. I have a spot in clinic, can I just enroll myself?
A. No. The clinic provides a list to the law school administration, which then enrolls students for clinic classes. This makes sure that only students approved for clinic are enrolled in the seats for the class.
Q. I am supposed to be in clinic, but we are past the enrollment date for next semester, and I am not enrolled. Why not?
A. Generally, there has been an enrollment error. First, check your other classes, and make sure they don’t conflict with the listed clinic time (which will correspond to your weekly class meeting). If there is a conflict, you will need to choose between that class and clinic. If there is not a conflict, think back to enrollment in your other classes. Did you have a delay due to a hold? If so, this probably means we were unable to enroll you during the initial enrollment period. Please contact the administrative staff for assistance.