How to Apply

preLaw Best Value Law School 2022-23
  • Applications open October 1 and are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis so long as there is space in the incoming class.
  • There is no application fee.
  • Since seats fill as the season progresses, applying earlier (before April 1) ensures consideration for scholarships and increases the likelihood of available seats.
  • Deposit deadlines are included in your letter of admission, and failure to meet a seat deposit deadline could result in the loss of your seat.
  • Admission is only for the fall of each year, and only a full-time program is offered.
  • The School of Law requires J.D. and Transfer applicants to apply online via Law School Admission Council. We may request more information than is listed below, but please do not send additional materials unless requested. Your file will be reviewed when it is completed.

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Meet the Staff

Tracy Deffebaugh

Tracy Deffebaugh

Director of Admissions

Jim Miller

James Miller

Senior Associate Dean of Students

Application Checklist

  • Meet with the pre-law advisor at your undergraduate school.

    Meet with your undergraduate school’s pre-law advisor to get advice on undergraduate course selection, Law School Admission Test (LSAT) preparation, and which schools might be a good fit for you.

  • Create your LSAC (Law School Admission Council) account.

    You need a LSAC Applicant account to register for the LSAT and apply to law schools. Go to for more information.

  • Register and prepare for the LSAT.

    Applicants should take the LSAT before the end of February of the year in which they wish to enroll. Applications to the School of Law may be submitted prior to taking the LSAT.

  • Register for LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS).

    CAS compiles your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and any other documents required for each application and transmits them to each school for you.

  • Request and send official transcripts.

    Once registered for CAS, you must have each undergraduate and/or graduated institution you attended send an official transcript directly to LSAC.

  • Prepare your personal statement, resume, and optional statement(s).

    In your statement, tell us about yourself and your background, and why you want to attend the University of Arkansas School of Law. You may also provide an optional essay to provide us with relevant information that you may not have included elsewhere in your application.

  • Ask mentors to send a letter of recommendation through LSAC.

    We require a minimum of two–and a maximum of four—letters of recommendation.

  • Apply online.

    Once you’ve uploaded your application materials to your LSAC account, click the red Apply Now button on this page, and login with your LSAC account information to apply.

  • Make sure you will have prerequisites completed.

    Applicants must have completed all requirements for a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution prior to the date of enrollment in the School of Law.

  • Visit us!

    We encourage you to visit the University of Arkansas School of Law to learn more about who we are and where we are going. While campus visits to the School of Law are encouraged, such visits are not factored into our admission decisions. To schedule a visit, email or call 479-575-3102.

Note: you can also download a PDF version of this checklist to print out.

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Check Your Application Status

To check your application status, follow this link.


Except for students in the 3/3 programs, applicants must have completed all requirements for a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution prior to the date of enrolling in the School of Law.


You must participate in the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) and be registered with CAS during the application year. Through CAS, you are required to send the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) official transcripts from all higher education institutions you have attended.


Applicants should take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) before the end of February of the year in which they wish to enroll. Applications to the School of Law may be submitted prior to taking the LSAT. Applicants must have taken the LSAT during the five years preceding the date of application. The school will use an applicant's highest LSAT score in calculating the applicant's prediction index.

Important Bar Admission Information

In addition to a bar examination, there are character, fitness, and other qualifications for admission to the bar in every U.S. jurisdiction. Applicants are encouraged to determine the requirements for any jurisdiction in which they intend to seek admission by contacting the jurisdiction. Addresses for all relevant agencies are available through the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

Contact Admissions

All correspondence concerning visits to the law school, the application process, or active applications should be directed to the Office of Admissions. For more information about the transfer admissions process, contact the Office of Admissions at (479) 575-3102 or

Office of Admissions
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