Dean's Circle

Dean's Circle

Purpose: To develop a core long-standing advisory group to be in conversation with the Dean about current successes and challenges and to create a source for discretionary funds to be used to meet the immediate needs of the law school. For example: Critical needs such as building modifications to ensure student safety and academic success.

Funding: To jumpstart the Dean’s Circle initiative, we ask inaugural members of the Dean’s circle to:

  • Pledge $10,000 over five years ($2,000 per year). This pool of select benefactors will establish the foundation of the Dean’s Circle going forward.


  • Dean’s Circle members are valued advisors and supporters of the School of Law.
  • Dean’s Circle meets once each year to enhance dialogue between the Dean’s Circle members, Dean and her executive committee. Annual reception to follow.
  • Dean’s Circle members listed once each year in the School of Law newsletter, receive news flash information prior to publication to general alumni; and are asked to share thoughts in various polls throughout the year.
  • Dean’s Circle members (due to gifts in excess of $2,000 per year) automatically are members of the Chancellor’s Society.


John Alford, J.D. ’80

Morris Arnold, J.D. ’68

Woody Bassett, J.D. ’77

David Boling, J.D. ’91

Steve Caple, J.D. ’93

Brandon Cate, J.D. ’01

Buddy Chadick, J.D. ’86

Vince Chadick, J.D. ’07

Terri Chadick, J.D. ’95

William Chevaillier, J.D. ’81

Charles Coleman, J.D. ’80

Davis Duty, J.D. ’60

Mary Elizabeth Eldridge, J.D. ’03

Jeff Gearhart, J.D. ’89

John Goodson, J.D. ’89

Michael Heister, J.D. ’02

Bob Hornberger, J.D. ’72

Mike Lax, J.D. ’83

Ron LeMay, J.D. ’72

Connie Lewis Lensing, J.D. ’77

Gary McDonald, J.D. ’75

Nick Patton, J.D. ’63

Neal Pendergraft, J.D. ’88

John Raffaelli, J.D. ’78

Bob Ross, J.D. ’77

Rick Ramsay, J.D. ’77

Rodney Slater, J.D. ’80

W.H. Taylor, J.D. ’81

Charys Williams, fmr. assoc. dean

Dina Wood, J.D. ’88