The Food & Agriculture Impact Project

About the Project

Through the new Food and Agriculture Impact Project, faculty and students work with organizations, agencies, and other colleges and universities to provide policy and legal research, analysis, and education. Our work includes research memos, factsheets, assistance with federal rulemaking, trainings, and other legal and policy resources.

Staffed by LL.M. Program faculty working with LL.M. candidates and Arkansas JD students, the Project provides the next generation of food and agriculture lawyers with hands-on experience in confronting real-world challenges.

Research & Analysis

The Impact Project supports the farm and food community with a range of assistance on current legal and policy topics, including the farm bill, agricultural income tax, food safety regulations, climate smart agriculture, supply chain issues, land tenure and food justice, food access, and nutrition assistance. We craft legal and policy documents, answering questions to complex research questions and presenting our analysis in educational forums. For example, the Project has worked with students to draft a memo for a non-profit organization on issues related to the upcoming 2023 farm bill.


The Food and Agriculture Impact Project is undertaking several efforts to provide free educational resources to small farm and food businesses. Our educational work includes preparing agricultural income tax resources for farmers and ranchers, educators, accountants, and attorneys through the USDA’s new Taxpayer Education and Asset Protection Initiative.

The Food and Agriculture Impact Project does not provide legal advice or engage in any direct client representation. All information, content, and materials produced by the Project are for general informational purposes only.

For more information about the Food and Agriculture Impact Project, please contact Kelly Nuckolls at

Current Projects