Ordinarily, only applicants who have earned a J.D. degree can be admitted to the LL.M. Program. However, our policies provide a special benefit to our J.D. students. University of Arkansas School of Law students who are within 9 credit-hours of completing their J.D. degree may apply to the LL.M. Program and begin that Program during their last semester of law school. While credits cannot be counted toward both degrees, it's possible for a student to finish their J.D. requirements while also earning credits that can be applied toward their LL.M. degree, getting a jump start on their advance law credentials.

Interested students should complete the LL.M. Program Application and check with the Program Director, Susan Schneider for additional information on the admission process.

Download the LL.M. Application for Domestic Candidates

Download the LL.M. Application for International Candidates