Career Services Reciprocity Policy

The Career Services Office of the University of Arkansas School of Law will provide students and graduates of other law schools access to its services and resources within the following guidelines:

  1. Services are available to those law schools that allow University of Arkansas School of Law students or graduates use of their career services.
  2. Requests for reciprocity must be made via email by a career services official from the requesting school.
  3. Reciprocity includes individual counseling, if requested, except during the fall on-campus interview season (August - October). An appointment is required.
  4. Reciprocity includes temporary access (ninety days) to on-line job listings for those students and graduates of schools able to grant the same or similar on-line services.
  5. Reciprocity does not include on-campus interviews, resume forwarding, career fairs, or access to the law school's internal communication systems or listservs.