The Externship Placement Process

Each semester, the law school facilitates an externship matching process for a number of placements interested in hosting students each semester. Students submit application materials and participate in interviews with potential placements. Law school grades are not irrelevant but are also not controlling in this process. Students interested in participating in the law school’s externship matching process should:

The Externship Application and Agreement and Externship Disclosures
Interested students should first submit the online externship application and disclosures.
Find Externship Placements That Fit Your Interests.
Once the application is submitted, students can find available placements posted in 12Twenty.
Prepare Application Materials
Typically, placements request a cover letter and resume. PLEASE proofread your resume and cover letters multiple times to be sure they are error-free. Don’t miss out on opportunities due to typos in your materials!
Submit Application Materials to Your Selected Externship Placements in 12Twenty
Submit the requested application materials in 12Twenty by the deadline for the relevant semester. NOTE: Students who apply to fewer than three placements are less likely to be matched with a placement.
Be Ready to Interview With Placements if Requested
Some placements rely on the law school to schedule interviews through 12Twenty. Others may arrange their own interviews. Some placements will make selections without interviews and based only on application materials.
Rank Your Preferred Placements in Order of Interest
At the end of the interview period, you will rank your preferred placements in order of interest. If you would not want to work with any of the placements to which you applied, simply do not include them on your rank list. Placements will similarly rank students. All rank lists by students and placements are strictly confidential.
Matching Process
Based on student and placement rank order preferences, the law school matches students with externship placements. If you do not match with an externship in the process but would still like to participate in an externship, we will work to find you a placement.

Securing Your Own Externship Placement

Have an externship experience in mind that is outside of the group of field placements participating in our matching process? Students are welcome to research and find their own externship placement. All proposed externships must be reviewed and approved for participation in the Program and Field Supervisors must meet specific requirements for approval. Reach out to Ashley Menendez, Director of Externships to discuss your goals and ideas for a potential externship.

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