Animal Legal Defense Fund

Proubasta-Liner Endowed Distinguished Speaker Award

University of Arkansas School of Law and the Animal Legal Defense Fund Student Chapter in the School of Law identify and bring a distinguished speaker or joint speakers — who possess academic expertise and/or are nationally recognized in the area of animal rights law or animal sentience — to the School of Law each year.

The purpose is to introduce law students and other interested parties to existing animal protection laws, animal rights, litigation techniques, animal sentience, legal research, and other topics focused on serving the interests of the animals and their human advocates under present law and going forward, and to provide in-depth knowledge and forward-looking ideas on animal rights as they now exist.

The speaker series has been made possible by the generosity of Dolores Proubasta and Christopher Liner (at right, top) who started the Proubasta-Liner Endowed Distinguished Speaker Award.

This year’s speaker is the executive director and CEO of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Stephen Wells (at right, bottom). Wells has been a leader in the nonprofit wildlife conservation and animal protection movements since 1990.

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The mission of the Animal Legal Defense Fund is to protect the lives of animals and advance their interests through the legal system. The student chapter at the University of Arkansas School of Law works to further this mission through raising awareness around animal rights issues, holding fundraisers for local shelters and animal welfare organizations, helping to give publicity to animals in need of assistance or in need of a home through their social media pages, and more.

photo of Dolores Proubasta and Christopher Liner

photo of Stephen Wells with dog