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To schedule an event and request meeting space in the School of Law, please review the School of Law Calendar (on the home page) to locate an available date, time, and room or other location to propose for your event. Once you have found a suitable date, complete and submit the Event Request Form supplying as much of the requested information as possible. This includes requests to use the atrium tables. Law classes and requests for events from School of Law organizations receive priority over requests from others. You will be provided with information regarding your request as soon as possible.

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

Faculty Advisor: Mark Killenbeck

President: Mason Gates

Vice-President: Jonathan Jenkins

Faculty Advisor: Sara Gosman

Secretary: Bailey Dargo

Treasurer: Madison Miller

Arkansas Law Review

Faculty Advisor: Alex Nunn

Editor in Chief: Taylor Spillers

Executive Editor: Tyler Mlakar

Managing Editor: McKenna Moore

Law Notes Editor: Madison Miller

Black Law Students Association

Faculty Advisor: Steve Clowney

President: Shayla Dawson

Vice-President: Collin Heard

Treasurer: Akayla Lyons

Secretary: Brandi Greene

3L Rep: Dana McGee

2L Rep: Trent Freeman

1L Rep: Kobbey Prince

Board of Advocates

Advisors: Danielle Weatherby &Amanda Hurst

Chair: Grant Spillers

Vice-Chair: Shelby Anthony

Secretary/Treasurer: Tyler Mlakar

Trial Competition Chairs: Brian Thomas &Zac Musgrove

Moot Court Chairs: Marlee Rowe &Triston Cross

Negotiations Chairs: Katie Sparrow &Hannah Lundry

Business Law Society

Faculty Advisor: Will Foster

President: Nicholas Hays

Vice-President: Sydney Parham

Secretary/Treasurer: Austin Simmons

Special Events: Anna Cunningham

3L Rep: Hayden Gore

2L Rep: Drew Carnahan

1L Rep: Ellen Womack

Faculty Advisor: Howard Brill

President: Silas Heffley

Vice-President: Megan Simkins

Secretary: Nick Ciggelakis

Treasurer: Laura Purvis

Criminal Law Society

Faculty Advisor: Laurent Sacharoff

President: Hannah Lundry

Vice-President: Elise Baroni

Treasurer: Kristina Ranney

Community Chair: Crystal Smith

3L Rep: Wyatt Cross

2L Rep: Jemima Merritt

1L Rep: Lauren Harris

Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy

Faculty Advisor: Mark Killenbeck

President: Brian Thomas

Vice-President: Nicholas Ciggelakis

Secretary: Laura Purvis

Treasurer: Carl Alexander

2L Rep: Garret Bannister


Hispanic Law Student Association

Faculty Advisor: Bonnie Miller

President: Zachary Rivera

Treasurer: Martin Arroyo

Secretary: Maria Cueva

2L Rep: Maria Cueva

1L Rep:

Outreach Director: Bonnie Miller

International Law Society

Faculty Advisor: Christopher Kelley

President: Shelby Anthony

Vice-President: Roxane Gomez

Secretary: Jacob Gibson

Treasurer: Andreina Rivera

Public Relations Chair: Katie Sparrow

Law Republicans

Faculty Advisor: Tim Tarvin

President: Fuller Chandler

Vice-President: Michael Cannon

Secretary: Hannah Malone

Law Student Wellness

Faculty Advisor:

President: Brett Whitley

Vice-President: Gus Mettler

Law Young Democrats

Faculty Advisor: Steve Clowney

President: Maria Cueva

Vice-President: Justin Gunderman

Secretary/Treasurer: Drew Carnahan

Public Relations Chair: Natalie Fortner

1L Rep: Alex Caldwell, Dominique Phillips

2L Rep: Liz Green


Faculty Liaison: Alex Caldwell

President: William Yandell

Vice-President: Jacob Holland

Treasurer: Mariss Tuggle

Community Chair: Grace Faulkenberry

1L Rep: Samuel Wilson

3L Rep: Justin Gunderman

Phi Alpha Delta

Faculty Advisor: Will Foster

President/Justice: Carson Henderson

Vice-President: Justin Gunderman

Treasurer: Clayton Caple

Clerk: Abbey Blanford

Marshal: Gray Malkmus

Property Law Society

Faculty Advisor: Carl Circo

President: Jacob Holland

Vice-President: Rose McGarrity

Treasurer: Audra Halbert

Secretary: Danielle O'Shields

Sports &Entertainment Law Society

Faculty Advisor: Howard Brill

President: Drake Murdock

Vice-President of Entertainment: Collin Heard

Vice-President of Sports: Sydney Weiskopf

Secretary: Lauren Canovas

Treasurer: Zac Musgrove

3L Rep: Hayden Gore

2L Rep: Josiah Prock

Student Bar Association

Faculty Advisor: Jace Motley

President: Caleb Epperson

Vice-President: Justin gunderman

Chief of Staff: Kellie Kinne

Treasurer: Jordan Jones

Secretary: Abbey Blanford

Arkansas Bar Association Rep: Colton McChristian

ABA Rep: Noah Ford

Minorities' &Women's Affairs Rep: Sydney Parham

Public Service Officer: Jacob Holland

3L Rep: Helen Manuel

2L Rep: James Woodward

1L Rep: Gunnar Bartlett

1L Rep: Mitchell Rogers

Women's Law Student Association

Faculty Advisor: Sharon Foster

Chapter President: Josie Bates

Executive of Operations: Nikki Brooks

Executive of Special Events: Akayla Lyons

Fundraising Director: Sydney Adams

Finance Director: Madison Wright

Community Service Chair: Anna Cunningham