Student Organizations

Contact information for School of Law student organizations can be found by students and faculty in MyLaw or by contacting Associate Dean for Administration Tamla Lewis at (479) 575-5612 or

Room Request

To request space in the School of Law for an event for your organization, please fill out this form as completely as possible and submit it. Law school organizations receive first priority. Someone will reply to your request soon.

Arkansas Law Review

Faculty Advisor: Laurent Sacharoff & Will Foster

President: McKenzie L. Raub

Treasurer: John C. Ogle

Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association

Faculty Advisor: Alan Trammell

President: Christy E. Applegate

Vice-President: Katherine Hicks

Treasurer: Jordan A. Honey

Black Law Students Association

Faculty Advisor: Tiffany Murphy

President: Maria Baez de Hicks

Vice-President: Turquoise Early

Secretary: Skye Austin

Treasurer: Tony Jones

Board of Advocates

Faculty Advisor: Danielle Weatherby & Amanda Hurst

Chair: Erin Keil

Vice-Chair: Jose Ruiz

Secretary/Treasurer: Kayla Sherrill

WilliamH Sutton Barristers’ Union Trial Competition Chair: Maggie Rushing & Tim Tucker

Benjamin J. Altheimer Moot Court Competition Chair: Jake Holmes & Ezra Smith

Negotiation Chair: Cody Johnson & Tyler McKay

Business Law Society

Faculty Advisor: Will Foster

President: Scott Nading


Treasurer: Cameron A. Brewer

Faculty Advisor: Howard Brill

President: Tracey Mardis

Vice-President: Christina Lusk

Treasurer: Katie Rose Martin

Secretary: Megan McLaughlin

Criminal Law Society

Faculty Advisor: Laurent Sacharoff

President: Nicholas J. Linn

Vice-President: Krystin E. Kennedy

Treasurer: Erin M. Keil

Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy

Faculty Advisor: Mark Killenbeck

President: Greg P. Nieman

Vice-President: Kameron Richards

Treasurer: James R. Armstrong

Secretary: Megan Tweedy

Communications Director: Josh Aguilar

3L Rep: Austin Taylor

2L Rep: TBD

1L Reps: TBD

Food Law and Policy Society

Faculty Advisor: Susan Schneider

President: Taylor Farr

Vice President:


Treasurer: Mitchell A. Dowden

Speaker Coordinator:

Social Media Chairperson:

Health Law Society

Faculty Advisor:

President: Ashleigh Giovannini

Treasurer: Christy E. Applegate

Hispanic Law Student Association

Faculty Advisor: Angie Doss

President: Kevin A. Flores



Treasurer: Seth D. Segovia

Journal of Food Law and Policy

Faculty Advisor: Susan Schneider

Editor-in-Chief: Savannah Clay

Articles Editor: John Michael Adkins

Law Republicans

Faculty Advisor: Angie Doss

President: Wesley B. Watts

Vice-President: Allison H. Peregory

Treasurer: Christina W. Lusk

Secretary: Elijah C. Bauer

National Lawyers Guild

Faculty Advisor: Annie Smith

President: Kelley Boyd


Treasurer: Bradley W. Aldridge


Faculty Advisor: Jordan Woods

President: Robert De Soto




Phi Alpha Delta

Faculty Advisor: Will Foster

Justice: Hannah L. Andrews


Treasurer: Krystina N. Barner



Sports and Entertainment Law Society

Faculty Advisor: Howard Brill

President: Turquoise Early

Vice-President Sports: Madison Connolly

Vice-President Entertainment: Samantha Warren

Treasurer: Caleb G. Conrad


Student Bar Association

Faculty Advisor: Tamla Lewis

President: Tim Tucker

Vice-President: Wesley Watts

Treasurer: Tripp Halbert

Secretary: Kelli Albrecht

Chief of Staff: Ezra Smith

2L Rep: Sydney Simmons

3L Rep: Maggie Rushing

American Bar Rep: Cameron Brewer

Arkansas Bar Rep: Clayton Rowe

Faculty Liaison: Erin Keil

Community Service Rep: Michael McGill

Women & Minorities Rep: Turquoise Early

Student Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program

Faculty Advisor: Angie Doss

President: Julia Stover



Women’s Law Student Association

Faculty Advisor: Sharon E. Foster

President: Madeleine J. Goss

Vice-President: Hannah E. Butler

Treasurer: Kayla M. Sherrill

Secretary: Maggie E. Geren

2L Reps:

3L Reps:

Community Service Chair:

Inactive Student Organizations

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association

Environmental Law Society

International Law Society

Labor and Employment Law Society

Native American Law Students Association

Property Law Society

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

Faculty Adviser: Sara Gosman

UA Law Young Democrats