Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The School of Law is committed to increasing its community’s awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion, and increasing the extent to which its community values its significance. We also acknowledge that regardless of one’s own race or ethnicity, individuals are at various points along an anti-racist and anti-bias journey, and we are here to help.


  1. To affirm explicitly and in united solidarity our identity as an anti-racist and anti-bias academic unit and law school.
  2. To explore and examine implicit bias and systemic advantage/oppression individually and institutionally.
  3. To ensure that our anti-racism and anti-bias commitment is reflected in the life and culture of the School of Law through our policies, programs, and practices.
  4. To continue to learn about, address and dismantle racism and oppression from all aspects of our law school.

Our Current Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DEI) Plan:

  • To build a law school community that includes members with diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives.
  • To enhance all law school community members’ feelings of belonging and their involvement in law school activities.
  • To create an inclusive, affirming learning culture for all members of the law school community.

Greneda Johnson

Greneda Johnson

Director of Community and Engagement
Office: (479) 575-3029
Email: grenedaj@uark.edu

Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias Pledge

Identifying that racism and bias are forms of oppression and create disparate outcomes means acknowledging that harm is occurring. Join the law school community in signing the anti-racist and anti-bias pledge.

Support Our Students

Established by the leaders of the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) in honor of the first six African Americans to attend the School of Law, the Six Pioneers Endowed Scholarship provides private support to students who contribute to a diverse educational environment. Please consider making a gift today.

Anti-Bias Anti-Racism Task Force (ABAR)

This student-driven group that includes faculty and staff is committed to fostering a community that is welcoming, inclusive, and unafraid to confront bias and racism in order to eliminate it. The task force aims to understand the student experience, offer resources and programming to educate and advance the dialogue about antibias, antiracism, and justice.

Members of the Antiracism Task Force are:

  • Chair: Josie Bates
  • Faculty Liaison: Michaela Parks
  • Communications Director: Marquela McClellan
  • Fundraising Director: Lexi Robertson
  • Dominique Phillips
  • Elise Baroni
  • Maria Cueva
  • Madison Riggins
  • Grace Faulkenberry
  • Jissel Esparza Saucedo
  • Ben Cameron
  • Hunter Simmons
  • Gabrielle Lewis
  • Samuel Wilson
  • Drew Carnahan
  • Amber Watson
  • Tristan Branstetter-Thomas
  • Carson Henderson
  • Strohmann Breeding
  • Skylar Caldwell
  • Marcos Perez
  • Trenton Freeman
  • Steven R. Probst
  • Amelia McGowan
  • Margie Alsbrook
  • Greneda Johnson

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Law School follows the same non-discrimination policy as the rest of the University. This policy applies to faculty, staff, and students.