A Message to Our Students

January 6, 2021 | Dean Margaret Sova McCabe

Below is a message sent by Dean Margaret Sova McCabe to University of Arkansas School of Law students in response to today’s events on Capitol Hill.

Good evening, all:

I spent my morning preparing for your return and drafting a “Welcome Back” email to you, but as events unfolded on Capitol Hill this afternoon my thoughts turned to the importance of your legal education in protecting and enhancing democracy. Tonight, I simply want to encourage each of you to continue to believe in the rule of law and to embrace your commitment to pursuing careers that protect democracy, are based in legal process, and promote justice for all.

As a law student and future lawyer, you will have the opportunity to be community leaders and to educate others about the rule of law and its centrality to democracy. Of course, the U.S. Constitution is the foundation of our democratic process and in the future you will take an oath to uphold it and the rule of law.

At times of upheaval such as this, it can be easy to become cynical or discouraged about our institutions and the future – in fact, I think that is quite normal given all that has unfolded for us since March of 2020. However, I also believe that each of you has a bright future and will contribute to a strong democracy, resilience of the rule of law, and communities that can disagree with civility while still working together to achieve a peaceful and just society.

As always, your administration and professors are here to support you as you navigate these unprecedented times and to help you emerge from them with resilience and a sense of purpose. I look forward to resuming classes and other law school activities next week. Until then, I hope that you remain healthy and eager to resume your studies.

All best,

Dean McCabe