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Professor Tim Tarvin
Professor of Law
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The Non-profit Clinic allows student attorneys to gain experience in business transactions law while assisting Arkansas non-profit organizations with organizational legal issues. Client representations can include helping organizations draft bylaws, file their articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State, file for tax exempt status with state and federal tax agencies, and prepare articles of dissolution for non-profits who have reached the end of their missions.

For Prospective Clients

The Non-profit Clinic works with non-profits organizations in the State of Arkansas. Most of our clients come from the Northwest Arkansas area, but we are open to helping others in the state, provided they understand their designated representatives may have to travel to meet with us in our offices as required. Organizations that already have non-profit status and incorporation but need to make adjustments are also welcome. Those organizations that have in-house counsel or that have budgeted for legal services are ineligible for services.

Intake is done twice a year, in late January and late August. Additional intakes may occur during the academic semester as space becomes available. The clinic operates on a waitlist system, and organizations are encouraged to call in advance of intake periods to be placed on the waitlist. The clinic staff will let you know where you are on the waitlist when you call. During intake periods, you will meet with a student attorney who will review your case and verify that it is something we can handle. If your case is accepted by the clinic, it will be handled by student attorneys under supervision of Professor Tarvin until its conclusion.

There is no charge for legal representation by the University of Arkansas Law School Legal Clinic. Represented organizations are responsible for the payment of all filing fees and out of pocket costs associated with the representation.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Clients.

For Students

The Non-profit Clinic offers you the chance to get hands on experience in areas of Business Transactional Law, and help area non-profit groups at the same time. The Non-profit Clinic provides counseling and representation of non-profit organizations serving Northwest Arkansas. The clinic's services include startup issues such as Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Federal EIN numbers, incorporation, obtaining federal and state tax exemptions, change of business form, purchase and lease of real and personal property, employment and labor law issues and general contract negotiation, drafting and execution. In addition, the Non-profit Clinic also assists nonprofits with the preparation and filing of annual compliance reports with the Arkansas Secretary of State, the Arkansas Attorney General and the Internal Revenue Service. Occasionally, students are asked to offer workshops to non-profits on matters of general interest. Non-profit Clinic is available in the Spring and Fall semesters for 3 hours of graded course credit.


Students must be eligible for licensing in under Rule XV, Arkansas Rules Governing Admission to the Bar.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Clinic Students.