Law Student Emergency Fund Application

Dear Students,

My primary goal is to get you from your first day of orientation into your legal career. This is an unprecedented time, and your faculty and administrators understand that you may have a financial emergency due to circumstances beyond your control. I want to make sure unforeseen fiscal difficulties do not hinder your ability to continue your education, and the Law Student Emergency Fund exists to address these crises. If you have an immediate financial hardship that puts your education at risk, then please apply. I hope you will feel welcome to contact me at with any questions.


Jim Miller
Senior Associate Dean for Students

Awarding Procedure

  1. The Student must submit the online application (below) and upload supporting documents.
  2. A committee will review each application and make a recommendation to approve or deny the award request. Decisions by the committee are final.
  3. The student will be notified of the committee’s decision by the senior associate dean for students.
  4. If approved, payment will be processed as a scholarship.
  5. The student’s personal information and circumstances will remain confidential throughout the process unless the student gives permission for his/her name to be used in publicity about the fund.

Law Student Emergency Fund Application

Before applying, please know that awards generally do not exceed $500. The committee will review applications requests in excess of $500 for rare and compelling circumstances. Applicants may be required to meet with the senior associate dean of students to discuss their application.

NOTE: If you currently receive financial aid, please be aware that additional assistance through the Law Student Emergency Fund may affect your future aid packages and funds received may be taxed as income.

For questions about your application, please contact Jim Miller, senior associate dean for students, at