Faculty Services



If you wish to purchase items with your Law School funds, please contact Monika Szakasits (575-2389). Please let her know where you wish to locate the new materials: your office, the Reserve Collection or another location in the Library. Once the items are received they will be processed by our Acquisitions Librarian and sent to your office or the appropriate Library location.

Faculty Publications

Faculty publications are collected by the Law Library for our Preservation Collection. These publications will be on display in the new Library wing, and most of the publications will be available for download on the Faculty Directory.

Reserve Materials

The Library has both paper and electronic reserve services available.

If you have a book, article or other items to put on Reserve, please fill out a "Reserve Placement Request" for each title and submit it with the item(s) to Monika Szakasits (575-2389). Please let us know when you would like the titles available to the students. Titles are routinely removed at the end of the semester or after the date specified on the request. Upon removal from Reserve, personal copies and photocopies will be returned to the instructor.

The Electronic Reserves are copies of materials made available to the students online. Electronic files are attached to the system and processed as we would a paper copy. Please let us know if you would like to use this service for any of your Reserve items.

Electronic Resources

The Library subscribes to many electronic services you may find useful in your research or classes. Some services are limited to certain IP ranges or workstations, or the information is on a CD. Other services require you to use passwords. Journal titles with electronic subscriptions will have a link to that e-service on the journal's InfoLinks record. If you have any questions about these services, or would like to recommend a subscription service to the Library, please contact Monika Szakasits (5-2389).

For a listing of the electronic services provided by the Library, please see our Research pages.

Circulation Services

All Law Library titles may circulate to the faculty for a semester at a time. We do ask that you take a moment to please check out those items you remove from the Library. If you are rushed for time we will simply make a quick note of what is being checked out and allow the items to go through. If you currently have any items not checked out, please let us know by email or phone and we will make the change to our catalog.

Audio/Visual Assistance

If you need to use or need help with a projector, laptop, video player, etc., please contact our Audio/Visual department (Bob Wheeler) by phone (200-2654), email (rewheel@uark.edu) or in-person (WATR Room 202-EA). Please inform the staff of your needs as soon as possible so your request can be scheduled.

Computer Services

Please contact our Computer Services department if you are having any problems with your computers, printers or networking. Please inform them of any needs as soon as possible.