Free Winter CLE

14th Annual Winter CLE

Saturday, March 2, 2018

E.J. Ball Courtroom, University of Arkansas School of Law
8:30 a.m. – Noon


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Attendees may receive up to 3 CLE hours (2 General, 1 Ethics), pending approval.


8:00 – 8:30am
8:30 – 9:30am
Current Developments in Legal Ethics
Howard Brill, Former Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice
Current Developments in Legal Ethics: This program will cover cases and ethics opinions on the migrating lawyer, the availability of Chinese Walls, new rules on advertising, the duty to confess, third party financing of attorney fees, the lawyer who suddenly dies, ethical obligations and natural disasters.
Handouts for Brill presentation
9:45 - 10:45am
Intellectual Property and Startups: Ten Biggest Mistakes Attorneys Miss/Make
Uche Ewelukwa
Starting a new business is difficult. In the early years, many startups go through many trials and tribulations associated with launching a business. Confronted by more pressing business, financial, regulatory, and practical problems, entrepreneurs frequently relegate intellectual property (IP) issues to the back. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs have found, too late, that ignoring IP is a mistake, a very costly mistake. In today’s business market, and for many startups, intellectual property rights are frequently the most important component of a business. Mistakes related to intellectual property rights can lead to delays in launching a business, costly lawsuits, multi-million dollar judgments, loss of valuable business assets, and even the complete failure of a business venture.
This course discusses the ten biggest IP mistakes that attorneys miss or make themselves. Focus is on the five main types of intellectual property – patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and the right of publicity.
Handouts for Ewelukwa presentation
10:45 - 11:00am
11:00 - 12:00pm
Recent Developments in Immigration Law
Beth Zilberman
Immigration issues are a hot topic and the news changes quickly. Get the latest information on this ever-changing area of law. Topics will include the latest on asylum law, changes to adjudications of affirmative benefits, and immigration enforcement.

Speaker Information

Howard W. Brill, University Professor and Vincent Foster Professor of Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility at the University of Arkansas School of Law, is a frequent Continuing Legal Education speaker on ethics and damages. His programs include: Lessons in the Law from the Life and Music of Johnny Cash; the Razorbacks, the NCAA and the Law; Lawyers in the Movies of John Grisham; the Seven Deadly Sins (lawyer's edition); and The Godfather. From September 2015 to December 2016 Brill served as the chief justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court. He played a role in the adoption of changes to the Code of Judicial Conduct and the Rules of Professional Conduct. His opinions included language from Bob Dylan, William Butler Yeats and Johnny Cash.

Uché Ewelukwa, the E.J. Ball Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas School of Law, teaches in the international law and intellectual property fields. Professor Ewelukwa also teaches in the Law School’s LL.M. Program in Agriculture and Food Law. Professor Ewelukwa is an active member of the American Bar Association Section on International Law (ABA-SIL) and currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Committee on Investment & Development, the Vice-Chair of the International Intellectual Property Rights Committee, as well as the Vice-Chair of the Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility of the association. Professor Ewelukwa is also an active member of the American Society of International Law (ASIL) and currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Intellectual Property Interest Group and the Co-Chair of the Africa Interest Group of ASIL. Professor Ewelukwa is the Secretary General of the African Society of International Law.

Beth Zilberman, Assistant Professor of Law and Director of Immigration Clinic, at the University of Arkansas School of Law, joined the university from Michigan State University College of Law where she co-taught that school's immigration clinic as a teaching fellow. Prior to that, she was a fellow at the Boston College Law School Immigration Clinic. While in Boston, she served as an Equal Justice Works Fellow with Kids in Need of Defense, providing representation to unaccompanied children in the Boston area who had been victims of gender-based violence and collaborating with mental health and medical providers to increase access to critical social services for these children.


The University of Arkansas School of Law offers its “Free Winter CLE” during the spring semester. As part of its ongoing commitment to serve the Arkansas legal community, the school provides two hours of general CLE and one hour of ethics free-of-charge.

The half-day event began in 2005 and is typically held on the first Saturday in March.

Previous topics have included:

Use, Analysis & Practice of Voir Dire
Practical Demonstration of Voir Dire Skills
Ethical Considerations in Preparing and Submitting Pleadings, Motions and Briefs to Trial and Appellate Courts
Ethics & the Arkansas Supreme Court
Future Issues for the Arkansas Supreme Court
Insights & Reflections on the 91st Arkansas General Assembly
The Law of Bitcoin and Virtual Currencies
Supreme Court Criminal Law Update
Professionalism & Civility Before the Magistrate: A View from the Bench
Making Sense of Executive Action – Recent Issues in Immigration
’The Godfather’ teaches Legal Ethics
The Washington Redskins, Mardi Gras and High End Fashion: Selected Hot Topics in Intellectual Property Law
10th Annual (2015)
Making Sense of Executive Action – Recent Issues in Immigration, presented by Professor Elizabeth Young (2015)
’The Godfather’ teaches Legal Ethics, presented by Professor Howard Brill (2015)
The Washington Redskins, Mardi Gras and High End Fashion: Selected Hot Topics in Intellectual Property Law, presented by Professor Uche Ewelukwa (2015)
8th Annual (2013)
Mandating Ethics for Issuers of Payment Devices, presented by Professor Mary Elizabeth Matthews (2013)
Lawyering Across Language Difference: Representation of Limited English Proficient Clients, presented by Professor Annie Smith (2013)
Why You Should Know/Care About the National Labor Relations Act, presented by Dean Emeritus and Nathan G. Gordon Professor of Law Cynthia Nance (2013)
7th Annual (2012)
The Man in Black: Lessons in the Law from the Life and Music of Johnny Cash, presented by Professor Howard Brill (2012)
Native American Law for the Arkansas Practitioner, presented by Dean Stacy Leeds (2012)
Ethical Issues with Client Trust Accounts and Attorney Fees, presented by Stark Ligon, Executive Director & Chief Disciplinary Counsel, Arkansas Supreme Court (2012)
6th Annual (2011)
The Arkansas Animal Anti-Cruelty Act, presented by Professor Karen Koch
Are You More Ethical Than a 3L?, presented by Professor Howard Brill and Professor D’lorah Hughes
The Implications of Wal-Mart v. Dukes on Class Action Litigation, presented by Professor Dustin Buchler
5th Annual (2010)
Collaborative Client Interviewing and Counseling, presented by Professor David Bailey
The Razorbacks, the NCAA, and the Law: 1995-2010 Ethical Lessons for Lawyers, presented by Professor Howard Brill
Protecting U.S. Intellectual Property Rights in China: Recent Developments in Trade Law and Trade Litigation, presented by Professor Uche Ewelukwa
4th Annual (2009)
Discharge by Declaration of Educational Debts in Bankruptcy Without Showing Undue Hardship, presented by Professor Janet Flaccus
An Update on Sustainable Construction Programs Around the Nation: Trends and Developments in Green Building Incentives, presented by Professor Carl Circo
Current Developments in Legal Ethics, presented by Professor Howard Brill
Overview of American Judicial System, presented by Justice Annabelle Clinton Imber
First/Sixth Amendments – gag orders, other inherent tensions, presented by Judge Keith, John Watkins, David Raupp and Tim Buckley
Role of the Courts Defining Press Rights – Media Law Basics, presented by Professor Steve Sheppard
Cameras in the Courtroom, presented by Justice Robert L. “Bob” Brown
Reporter’s Confidential Sources – From the Court’s Perspective presented by Justice Imber, Justice Brown, Kent McLemore, moderator Professor Hoyt Purvis
Ask a Judge: Question and Answer Period, presented by Justices Imber and Brown, Judge Mark Lindsay
Priority Practice: Suggestions and Ideas to Help Any Law Practice Become Better, More Productive, and Less Stressful, presented by John Everett and John Booth Farese