Student Spotlight: Tierra McCraney

Q & A

Why did you choose to pursue a J.D. and what do you hope to do with your degree after graduation?

Tierra McCraneyInitially, a journalism major with the intention of being a news anchor, I began taking political science courses to further understand politics, as it is frequently discussed during news segments. Each class, I was exposed to the legal field, and was inspired by many individuals such as Justice Thurgood Marshall, who used their degree to enact positive change in their community. I considered law as a career where I could make a difference in the lives of many by advocating for their legal rights. I hope to make a positive impact on my community by working for the government or through a career in Family Law.

What are some opportunities you have engaged in during your time at law school?

While in law school, I have had the opportunity to engage in many programs, the most recent being the law school’s externship program. This semester, I am an extern with the U.S. Federal Public Defender’s Office, Western District of Arkansas. Through my externship, I hope to sharpen the skills gained through law school, while also gaining exposure to attorneys in the courtroom and communicating with clients.

What has been your favorite part of law school so far?

My favorite part of law school so far has been participating in Oral Argument in Legal Research & Writing II (Spring 2023), and the William H. Sutton Barrister’s Union Trial Competition (Fall 2023). During both events, my teammate, Maci Burchfield and I scored high marks. In Legal Research & Writing II, we were selected as one of the best teams during the argument rounds and were named quarterfinalists in the trial competition. My experiences in both the oral argument and trial competition solidified my decision to attend law school and work in litigation in the future.

What are your hobbies outside of work and school?

Outside of work and school, I enjoy playing my instrument, the flute. As a third-generation musician and the daughter of two band directors, my passion for music was instilled at a young age. Following my parents to spring concerts, Friday night football games, and Saturday morning band competitions only increased my love for music, and I enjoy practicing when I have the opportunity. As a musician, I have earned the title of All-State musician three times, and top scoring flutist in the Arkansas Intercollegiate Band. After graduating law school, along with starting my legal career, I hope to join a Wind Symphony to further advance my music skills.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we couldn’t learn from reading your resume.

Something interesting about myself is that I have written a book and hope to begin the publishing process after law school.

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