We are an anti-bias and anti-racist community...

University of Arkansas School of Law
Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias Pledge


The following faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the School of Law have co-signed the pledge:

Dean Margaret Sova McCabe
Susan Schneider
Laurent Sacharoff
Jordan Blair Woods

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The University of Arkansas School of Law community acknowledges that regardless of one’s own race or ethnicity, individuals are at various points along an anti-racist and anti-bias journey. We also understand that bias can be unconscious or unintentional and that racism is the combination of social and institutional power structures and racial prejudice. Identifying these two specific forms of oppression and how they create disparate outcomes does not mean that any individual intends to harm another, but it acknowledges that harm is occuring. Examining these issues and discussing them to uncover and remedy bias and racism requires courage, respect, and compassion. It also may not always be comfortable. However, as an anti-racist and anti-bias community, we will purposefully strive to identify, discuss, and challenge issues of race, color, ethnicity, and the impact(s) they have on students, faculty, and staff members in an effort to achieve a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community.

The University of Arkansas School of Law faculty, staff, administrators, and students affirm their commitment to recognizing, addressing, and eradicating all forms of racism and oppression. Faculty, staff, and administrators will engage and collaborate in teaching, service, and scholarship in ways that challenge oppressive and unjust forces in our community and the law. Students will focus on hearing, understanding, and addressing any racist or bias thought processes that hinder their growth as future lawyers. Together, we will work to reduce racial injustices both within the law school and the broader legal community. Faculty, staff, administrators, and students are united in pursuing the end of racial and ethnic bias and empowering our community to reach this collective goal.


University of Arkansas School of Law
  1. To affirm explicitly and in united solidarity our identity as an anti-racist and anti-bias academic unit and law school.
  2. To individually and institutionally explore and examine implicit bias and systemic advantage/oppression such that our anti-racism and anti-bias commitment be reflected in the life and culture of the School of Law through our policies, programs, and practices as we continue to learn about and address racism and oppression.
  3. To develop and implement strategies and best-practices that dismantle racism and oppression within all aspects of our law school and to contribute to the same transformation of the campus where possible.

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